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How to Download and Install Grand Theft Auto V on PS4

There are so many popular gaming applications out there. Have a special one that has caught your eye? webliondevelopment.com is where you’ll find out how to get it and make the most of it. So, are you wondering how to download Grand Theft Auto V on your PS4? With the Webliondevelopment step-by-step guide you’ll find below, the installation process is going to be a piece of cake. As a die-hard PlayStation 4 fan, you have the chance to enjoy your favorite games, too! Here’s how you can download Grand Theft Auto V.

  1. First and foremost, find the app you need via our website’s Search box. Ensure it’s available for PS4.
  2. Make sure the app you fancy is compatible with PS4 (the necessary info is indicated in the table on our website).
  3. Head to the top of the search page and find the app icon there.
  4. Tap the blue-colored button under the app icon that says ‘Get for Playstation 4’.
  5. Find yourself redirected to the official PlayStation Store installer page of the app you need. We only work with reliable links, so no need to worry here.
  6. You’ll see the app’s price under its icon, meaning you can either add it to your cart or wish list. Select the cart option. PS Cart
  7. Make sure you’re logged into your account. If you’re not, just enter your ID and password prior to finalizing the procedure.
  8. Once you’re all set, the purchase will be complete, and you’ll get to download the PS4 version. PS Download Button


  • What is the essence of Grand Theft Auto 5?
    GTA 5 is a sequel to a legendary multiplayer game. It’s an action-adventure genre game that can be played on many platforms.
  • When did GTA5 come out?
    It was dropped on September 17, 2013.
  • Are there any GTA V cheats?
    There’s no official information about cheats and hacks for the game, and we don’t recommend you to download any if you find them. Remember that using cheats can damage your platform operating system.
  • How to play Grand Theft Auto V online?
    To play it online, you have to buy an official game version and create an account. It’s an online multiplayer, so you are required to have a stable Internet connection to provide a smooth game process.
  • Is there a GTA V app for mobile?
    There are apps for both Android and Apple mobile gadgets. To download it on your smartphone, make sure that your smart device has at least 3 GB of available storage. For Android, it also has to work with Android OS 3.5 and higher.
  • Can Grand Theft Auto 5 be enjoyed in the 2-player mode?
    GTA V is a multiplayer game, so you can play it either on a console with your friend or online.
  • Is GTA 5 free on PS4?
    GTA is not free to play on any platform. For PS4 and other PlayStation consoles, go to the Play Store and check the price of the game.
  • Who are Grand Theft Auto 5 characters?
    There are several active characters in the game. Michael is the first protagonist of the game. Michael used to trade in bank robberies, and after surrendering his accomplices to the police, he went on the run and ended up in Los Santos. Trevor Phillips is Michael's longtime friend. He has neither a wife nor children and often spends time in bars, getting drunk and doing drugs. Once he was a pilot, and now he lives in the suburbs, drives a simple jeep, and keeps a drug laboratory in his trailer. Franklin is the third character in the game, who, unlike the first two heroes, is only 25 years old. The black native of southern Los Santos has to take any job for the money and quite often breaks the law.
  • Is Grand Theft Auto 5 worth the money?
    This game is one of those that keep you in the plot, not letting go for a minute. This is a movie where you act as you want and still follow the plot. Missions lead the story with little or no time gaps.
  • What Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay consists of?
    It consists of various missions that affect the plot in one way or another. In between doing them, you can relax, have a race, visit a bar or tattoo studio.

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