Telegram Earned More Users While Facebook Was Out

During the 6 hours of an outage that recently happened to Facebook, Telegram received more than 70 million users. Messaging platform witnessed a giant flow of new members. The head of the platform, Pavel Durov, revealed that people around the world downloaded the app while Facebook was down.

On Monday, Facebook was down for 6 hours. Apparently, these hours were crucial not only for Mark Zuckerberg, who lost $7 billion of net worth, but for alternative messaging apps like Telegram. According to Facebook officials, the cause of the problem was the configuration change. The outage disconnected 3.5 billion users not only from Facebook but also from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

On Tuesday, Durov announced that this problem brought 70 million new users to Telegram. He called freshly joined people refugees who were warmly welcomed in the messenger. The norm of daily users’ growth was significantly increased. This caused a slightly slow work since the usual speed couldn’t take so many new members. Yet, the service worked stable for everyone around the world.

The outage not only brought up multiple problems with Facebook, but it also made the world community think about the importance of alternative services. Dependence from several social networks that are part of one big corporation proved to be a disaster during these hours. If some users were simply lacking the newsfeed or communication with friends, others, whose businesses are related to the social networks, were losing money.

Russian politics were quick to announce that they made a good decision to create their own sovereign social networks that do not connect to Facebook. At the same time, the six hours outage of WhatsApp heavily influenced the markets, including Russian oil and cryptocurrencies. Telegram’s presence slightly improved the total fall.

How did you survive the Facebook outage? Were you happy to take some rest from social media? Did you suffer from it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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