Search Added to Facebook Emojis & Soundmojis

Facebook Messenger users send nearly 2.5 messages with emojis on a daily basis. So, it’s only logical that the company has updated its Messenger service by introducing the search feature. Now, Messenger users can easily find the exact emoji or soundmoji they need when responding to their contacts’ messages. 

The whole thing means that there’s now a pretty and effective search bar for looking for the right emoji within your Facebook Messenger convos. Also, the company introduced Soundmojis recently.

messenger app screenshot

You’re probably aware that they are emojis with sounds. You get to add them to your chats by hitting on a smiley face icon in the chat box and choosing the loudspeaker icon. You should try it, it's so much fun!

Furthermore, the new ‘Space Jam’ themed chat background option is now featured within Facebook Messenger, which could imply coming sponsored background opportunities. So far, the new stuff is just aimed at helping users spice up their chats and save time while chatting with their friends.

Have you already tested the new emoji search feature? How do you like Facebook’s evolving custom background set? You’re welcome to speak up on the topic in the comments below. Your two cents matter.

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