Roblox Will Put Up NFTs For Sale

The blocky world, in which you can design simple games, is growing into a whole metaverse. Roblox prepares a steaming hot pile of new features.

Known previously as an attraction for kids, Roblox tends to make its content more mature. After all, the core fan base of the game is growing up, which means the classic blocky gameplay needs to be refreshed.

For starters, players will get their own wardrobe. There will be colossal freedom at customizing your avatar, which can either be a 3D copy of real you or some fantastic creature like an alien octopus.

There’ll be a rich repertoire of layered attires to choose from. And the best part is that they will be more believable now, behaving in real garments from the physics point of view.

Perhaps, Roblox is on its path to Sims-like gameplay. And odds are, we’ll get more customizable stuff like homes and vehicles to earn by playing or paying.

Another cool trick is that you’ll be able to give your avatar more character. Recently, the game bough — a start-up that focused on designing realistic digital avatars.

It looks like, there will be an emote system — similar to that in Fortnite. Only apart from dancing and making gestures, your digital representation will be able to smile, frown, make an angry face, and more.

Finally, Roblox will offer a few treats for collectors. On the shelves of the Roblox store, you will spot rare, collectible artifacts soon.

The core idea is that they will mimic NFTs. That means that no item can be forged, reproduced, or even stolen. As long as you possess the proof of ownership — in this case, it’s a bunch of mathematical mumbo jumbo — the item will be yours and yours only.

Starting as an innocent game for kids, Roblox evolves into something bigger. What content do you think it’s desperately missing? Let us know in the comments!

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