Pre-installed Apple Apps Are Now Rated

Apple has allowed iPhone owners around the world to rate the tools they are using for the first time ever. It looks like among the apps that come pre-installed, News and Mail are the least favorite services. 

The new rating gathered 10k reviews from Apple’s users. According to the data, users are not totally happy with the apps they receive together with the phone. There are 28 apps pre-installed on an iPhone. The vast majority received something about 3.4 stars. Many apps got 2.2 stars, and a small group of apps was rewarded with 4.1 stars.

The Translate app received the lowest score . It was rated by 700 users and got an average of only 2.2 stars. The Podcast app received 2.9 stars. Mail gathered only 2.8 stars, while Calendar was rated 2.7 stars. The most problematic app seems to be News that gathered only 2.3 stars. Unlike Translate, this app came together with iPhone devices for years.

The most popular app turned out to be Contacts, which is highly used by users. It received 4.1 stars. FaceTime, Find My, Tips, and Voice Memos received 4.0 stars. Notes has 3.9 stars. However, these apps were not that popular among the voters, except for FaceTime that got 959 votes. Meanwhile, 1586 users rated Apple Music 3.6 stars.

Apple enabled the ability to vote for pre-installed apps recently. Users can now compare third-party apps with the original apps they are using on their phones. Users can rate the apps from 0 to 5 stars based on their performance. You can also leave a review for the app. The evaluation is not closed, so you can join it. Nowadays, there is no 5-star app. As for the Stocks built-in app, dearly loved by Apple, it can’t even reach a 4 star mark. Maps has 3 stars, although the app has been on-demand among Apple users for years.

Which built-in app is your favorite on your iPhone? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below. You can also provide your own rate there.

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