Pokemon Unite Gets a Major Update

22 September 2021 was the day that Pokemon Unite fans finally saw the game appear on mobile devices — a long-awaited launch that was preceded by serious updates to the game. A patch was rolled out to fix a large scope of problems before going iOS- and Android-compatible. The update was announced by Tencent in a blogpost on its official website, which remains the primary source of information on any developments.

New events came with the major update, the key purpose of which is to help players upgrade held items to grade 30. This can be done with special enhancers. The new feature is part of a more general initiative introduced to make enhancing in Pokemon Unite easier and more accessible to players with various skill levels. The game is thus becoming more inclusive, which again seems to be in line with a larger development policy. Apart from that, the developers have introduced new held items, allowing players to get off the beaten track with their game strategies. A second battle pass was also added, with lots of new cosmetics like the spectacular new Holowear.

Probably the most important news is that in-game clans are now available in Pokemon Unite, referred to as Unite Squads, which allows Trainers to combine their effort. The game is thus beginning to sound like a more versatile and competitive endeavor. Paired with the refreshed Spectator Mode (although the updates are far from sweeping in this aspect), this has every chance of making a difference to a broad audience of players. The icing on the cake is a selection of new languages now supported by the game. it is now beyond doubt that Tencent has serious intentions regarding Pokemon Unite, so it’s safe to say that fans across the globe should expect very dynamic developments in the near future. Do you like playing Pokemon Unite? If so, will this update change your gaming experience? Please, let us know what you think about it in the comments. 

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