Pokémon Go Pandemic Distances Are Active Again

Game developer Niantic decides to bring back pandemic interaction distances to its hit title Pokémon Go. Interaction radiuses were 40 meters, but the company returns the initial pandemic radius of 80 meters (262 ft). The last time Niantic faced a lot of complaints, but it can’t go against the necessary social distancing. The radius limits spin distances for Gyms and Pokéstops, but other limitations may come up soon too. 

Vague Point? 

According to Niantic’s recent tweets, there will be more details on the reasons for the chosen radiuses. The developer says that the internal research team is studying the subject to share findings with players in the near future. The pandemic changes were rolled out again in the US on August 1, and the users quickly created a social media campaign with hashtags to persuade the developer to return bonuses and concessions. Players want to be rewarded for social distancing as it’s quite difficult to maintain when the radiuses are that big. Niantic promised to provide detailed recommendations and react to the campaign on September 1. 

Technically, last year’s experience showed that playing with large radiuses is much simpler and lets more players with specific requirements and conditions play with comfort. However, the players don’t feel encouraged enough to keep exploring without due activity bonuses. The return to the 80m radiuses is definitely a concession, but there are more changes on the way. 

New Season – New Rules

On August 6, Niantic promised to announce all the distancing details and recommendations along with the new Pokémon season. Until then, we can get used to the larger spin areas and chat in the comments on what else we want to be improved in this great exploration game. Don’t forget to share the news with other players on social media

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