No More FIFA: EA Games May Discard the Partnership

It appears, FIFA games produced by EA will drop the FIFA part from the name. The International Football Federation demands too much money for these four letters.

Odds are, EA Game studio won’t renew the contract with FIFA for the next four years. Or ever again. The problem is that the Football Federation demands a staggering $1 billion for the right to use their famous acronym.

FIFA series remains one of the most successful productions of the studio. The Ultimate Team generated $1.62bn alone in 2021. Naturally, the Federation — even though it’s non-profit — decided that the studio owes this kind of success to them.

An indirect clue is that EA Games have registered a new trademark in a few countries: EA Sports FC.

In the long run, nothing will change from the games, apart from FIFA’s tyranny being overthrown. EA has about 300 contracts that cover all other aspects of the games: from football clubs to separate athletes that you can draft.

The most important aspect of the game — Ultimate Team — will stay the very same way we know and enjoy it. So, if you’re worried that rebranding will erase some prominent names from the player list or certain FCs will be removed, worry not — it’s unlikely.

There is a slight chance that the Federation will change their approach. Basically, there’s no leverage to make the studio accept the ridiculous conditions.

Even if they don’t, neither EA, nor the fans of the title lose nothing. Except for rebranding costs, of course. But hopefully EA games won’t make the players cover them by increasing prices.

Perhaps 2021 was the last year when we saw a FIFA-titled game. Even though it feels bittersweet, the legendary franchise isn’t dying. It will get a new life under a new name.

Would you accept FIFA’s terms if you were in charge of the studio? Let us know in the comments!

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