Microsoft Start Becomes New Microsoft News

Microsoft Start is the new source of personalized news available on Windows, mobile platforms, and the Web. The improved service offers advanced experience and learning inputs. Microsoft announced its new product available for desktop and mobile use. It will be integrated into the upcoming Windows 11 system as well, providing news from around the world on your interface.

According to Microsoft, the new service has smart AI inside with the latest improvements. In combination with the machine learning and human edition, you receive access to advanced personalized news on your desktop. Besides, mobile phone owners can easily enter Microsoft Start on iOS and Android platforms.

Microsoft Start is a replacement for once-popular Microsoft News with more features and a professional approach. Based on your interests, you can find topics you want to read about. The new service will provide you only with news of your current interest. If you don’t want to spend time reading about everything that is going on around the world, you can use the “Personalize” tool. If you want to change the topics that appear in your newsfeed, you can use the popular system of likes and dislikes. Once you like the news of a particular publisher, you will see it frequently appearing on the page.

After reading the news, you can send your reaction to them with specific emojis. There are cards on specific themes like sports, weather, traffic, and finances. It is a common system in many news portals. However, unlike the news portals, you can customize the cards you see in front of you. If you don’t like the topic, you can turn it off. You may also change the area where you want to see the weather forecast. If you want to check specific stocks, you can indicate them within Microsoft Start. Change the settings as much as you want until you receive the news you are most interested in.

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