Microsoft Releases New Clippy Design for Halloween

If you have already forgotten about Clippy, that’s ok, you are not the only one. It looks like only Microsoft still keeps trying to bring back the old helper. You can take a look at the Halloween-inspired Clippy version shared on Microsoft’s Twitter.

Although Halloween is still several weeks away, Microsoft revealed a spooky design of the assistant that dwelled in the Office program. Clippy was deactivated years ago, but the new tweet made us guess whether Microsoft wants to bring it back. On October 2, the company shared two images with the normal Clippy and the bony one. 

This is not the first time Microsoft mentions Clippy. They have already hinted to the audience about the possible comeback of a slightly annoying assistant. This time Microsoft did not reveal its upcoming plans. Some fans considered the appearance of bony Clippy as the sign that there would be no resurrection for this tool. Microsoft named the image of two versions of Clippy “September 30th vs October 1st.” It can only mean that everyone is preparing the costumes for the upcoming holiday.

The image heated up new rumors. Users asked Microsoft whether this new Clippy would be available. Some of them begged to release assistant at least during the holiday season as a limited edition. Many users believed that Windows 11, which will be available starting from October 5, would have Clippy as a tool. 

What Is Clippy?

If you don’t know what Clippy is, you are probably 20 or younger. It is a personal assistant in Microsoft’s Office designed by Kevan Atteberry. Its first appearance was in Office 97 as a helper named Clippit. This service helped users to learn how to use the program. Clippy was absent from 2001 Office XP and newer versions.

Have you ever used Clippy? If you did, tell us was it really annoying? How do you like the idea of bringing Clippy back?

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