iPadOS 15 Will Improve Multitasking, Home Screen, and Notifications

One of the reasons iPadOS exists is slowly merging the iPad experience with that on MacBook, as we already notice. In iPadOS 15, this similarity will become even greater, because of improved multitasking. So, the rumor has it that the new iPadOS will look even more like a laptop.

For example, the new home screen will be able to place widgets anywhere – like on its Android alternatives. Now, instead of dedicated section, you will be able to place widgets where you want them to be. Reviewed multitasking will allow your iPad to better handle multiple apps at the same time and switch between them easier.

Another feature on a system level, coming from messengers of the late 1990s and early 2000s, is system-wide statuses to set. Whether you are driving, sleeping, working, or just away from your device, you will be able to set it as your status, so the notifications appear in a different manner. As for senders, they (probably) will see your status in their messengers – first of all, supposedly, iMessage, but why not WhatsApp or Telegram as well. Messages by Apple, by the way, can go further than this. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly receive an iMessage from your friend who’s never bought a single device by Apple.

There will be also some improvements for other devices and systems by Apple. But neither Mac OS nor Apple Watch or Apple TV will get such a serious redesign. They will rather get minor improvements that keep the crucial elements the same, boosting their performance a bit. Some new apps may also appear (like a mental health app for Apple Watch), but hardly will they be game changers.

Some features Apple has been thinking about are not making it to devices this year, though. The list includes revamped lock screens that could have become more functional in iOS and iPadOS, but not in 2021.

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