Instagram Reveals Data on Reels Algorithm

If you want to use Reels to extend your business, you have to understand the algorithm of its work. Although this service was released back in 2020, after a year, many users are still unaware of its full potential. During the pandemic period, Instagram became a lifesaver for many businesses. Yet, not many of them exploit Reels to increase the audience and sales.

Best Way to Attract Users

If you are working hard to make your account more visible on Instagram, you can’t miss the new instructions from the social network. Officials have recently shared a new video about the Reels and the ranking system. They overviewed the factors they considered while evaluating Reels. Consider the video as helpful tips for everyone who wants to become reachable for others in Reels.

Instagram’s post reveals the way they pick the Reels they will show. Besides, they provide hints on what they are looking for in your account, history, and past activities. And if it is not enough for you, they made an overview of content they usually avoid. There are four main factors that may lead your Reels to the top of the list:

The audience must watch the Reel entirely, not only half of it;

  • The audience has to put likes;
  • Users usually express positive comments for the best Reels;
  • You inspire others to create their own Reels.

Watch more Reels to send signals to Instagram. Once you like and comment on the Reels of others, Instagram gathers information about you and about the Reels you want to see. Everything plays a big part, from likes to watch the video from the beginning to the end. And after you create your own Reels, Instagram finds similar content to show you. So, if you are a creator, the best decision for you is to watch trending audios so your own Reels would be visible to other users.


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