Instagram Ditches Swipe Up, Stickers Replace It

Instagram announced a new way of sharing external links via the Stories section of the app. The current app version lets you swipe up stories to activate the link and be redirected to an external website. After the upcoming update, the feature will be removed and replaced with hyperlink stickers. 

The Creative Approach

Unlike the current swipe-up gesture, stickers don’t limit your imagination at all. You will be able to choose any sticker from the immense online library of the app and even upload your own. It’s an extra opportunity for brands, influencers, and average users to attract attention to something important and, perhaps, drive more sales to external storefronts. Of course, we need at least a year of statistics to see whether sticker links are effective, but the feature looks very promising anyway. 

On the negative side, we can expect some users to place links in inconvenient areas of the screen. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen is convenient on smartphones of all sizes, but reaching stickers in the upper part of the screen can be difficult for many users, especially if they have max-size devices. Most probably, marketers will quickly discover the most effective places for link stickers and place them there all the time. Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on the feature soon. 

Seamless Transition

According to the social media platform, the update is called to improve the story-making experience. We can already use numerous stickers, GIFs, polls, direct donations, and other options in our Stories, so we’re not likely to notice the transition. What do you think about this improvement? Will it make it easier to use links for you or not? What else would you like to be changed in Instagram Stories? Let’s chat about it.

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