GTA Trilogy Remasters Replaced the Originals

Many have already checked the “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy” trailer and expressed mixed opinions about it. Rockstar introduced the iconic GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas remastered versions to the gaming industry. However, the games community expressed different opinions about the upcoming final product. Visually, the games look better, but the differences from the original world caused concerns about the content of the game.

Modifications in Remastered Versions

The main change in the game is graphics, which has evolved from low polygonal 3D character models and the surrounding world into a much more aesthetic product. Many visual effects and updated textures give an entirely new impression of the game from the 2000s. The combination of generations in the updated games looks very unusual, so many have high expectations of the future release.

The common parts of each game, like the character design and cutscenes, became sharper and smoother in texture, but the trademark style remained the same. Rockstar carefully preserves the authenticity of the gameplay and left behind key game mechanics such as animation. 

No More Iconic GTA Trilogy

The original console and PC versions have already disappeared from the stores. The updated version of the game release falls on November 11, but the older versions remain unavailable. Fans are waiting for information from Rockstar; however, the company has not given any comments about the remote versions and whether it will bring them back yet.

Unfortunately, Take-Two’s decision was disappointing for many fans. The publisher not only removed the games but also raided fan projects and deleted a large number of their works from available platforms. It was damaging to the community, and many questioned whether it had been necessary to make this kind of a choice. What do you think of this move from Rockstar? Leave your comments below and share the article if you liked it!

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