GTA Trilogy & Its Sudden Disappearance

Rockstar’s Remastered Trilogy premiered last week. And then it was removed from sale, returning to the virtual stores shortly after. What could be the reason?

The game got removed from the launcher amidst a heated sale — a bizarre and illogical move. Why would Rockstar want to disrupt the sales flow of a game collection it has advertised with so much fanfare?

The first theory is rather too prosaic: copyright issues. As you know, the original San Andreas saw the light almost 20 years ago. 

That means that certain songs from the in-game radio stations cannot be used anymore. Among them are Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic Hellraiser and NWA’s Express Yourself. But the missing tracks can be added by the player if they have them in their own collection.

Another theory claims that the famous Hot Coffee files — which, if modified, would unlock a pornographic game in the original SA — were also present in the remastered version. And the last time the frivolous mod was discovered, Rockstar lost about $20 million in damages.

One way or another, but there was something, which wasn’t meant for public access. Quitting the studio: the game was "unavailable to play or purchase as we remove files unintentionally included in these versions.".

As of now, GTA Remaster is available on all platforms for $60, including Switch. To play it on a PC, you will need 16 GB RAM and 45 GB of disk space.

The minor crisis with the remastered trio shows that Rockstar probably saved some money on the QA phase and overall product check-up.

In the meantime, Definitive Trilogy is gradually becoming a meme in a “bad way”: players who had the original games complain that the remake looks and feels awfully.

Numerous complaints indicate that the original vibe of awesomeness was ousted from the remake. Do you agree with that? Lets us know in the comments!

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