Google Messages Go Cryptic

Google will make sure that your convos in Google Messages will be secured.

Google integrates end-to-end encryption into its Messages app. This technology is widely used in basically every single popular messenger: Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and others.

In a few days, encryption will become a default feature for all supported Android gadgets. You don’t have to update your app manually — smart algorithms will do the work for you.

E2E encryption is know-how that protects your private conversation from hackers, snoopy intruders, and so on. 

It’s virtually impossible to intercept an encrypted message, as it’s stored on the messenger’s service in the form of random, indecipherable symbols. Once it reaches your vis-à-vis, the app uses a special key and translates this mambo-jambo into a normal text. 

However, the feature works only in one-to-one dialogues with the Chat feature turned on. Group charts won’t be secured with E2E. The reason is that Google Messages is based on the Rich Communication Services protocol — it’s an evolved version of SMS. 

Odds are, Google will also make the group chat is GM encrypted as well. Otherwise, the app won’t be able to compete with the top messengers.

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