Fortnite Offers You to Kill Superman

Don’t worry! The action is optional. If you want to become Superman, you still can do it. Yet, if you prefer to make such a powerful enemy, you can try to kill him. Fortnite offers to play as Superman in the new season.

Epic Games shared the players' new cosmetics and skins this Tuesday. Now you can try to be The Man of Steel or you can kill one with a sniper rifle, it is up to you. The new skin was released in Chapter 2 of Season 7 Battle Pass. This is a perfect opportunity to check whether Superman could survive the intensity of Fortnite.

For each accomplishment as a Superman aka Kal-El, or his human version in glasses Clark Kent, you receive so-called super-rewards. These rewards are also connected to the Superman franchise. There is back bling from Daily Planet, pickax inspired by the Fortress of Solitude, or the ability to play further as a journalist.

The new battle pass was inspired by the theme of an alien invasion. Apart from Superman, you can play popular characters related to the Space topic. Superman is still considered to be the most awaited skin.

Quests to Perform as Superman

Here is the list of Superman quests. Take part in each of them and earn scores and rewards:

  • To unlock the Call to Action Emoticon, you have to succeed in one quest from Best Boy, Clark Kent, or Armored Batman;
  • To open Superman Shield Spray, you have to complete three quests from Best Boy, Armored Batman, or Clark Kent;
  • For the Clark Kent Outfit, you have to deal successfully with five quests from the same characters;
  • If you want Back Bling of Daily Planet you need to glide via the 3 rings as a Clark Kent;
  • To get Superman’s clothes and return his powers, you have to become Clark Kent and use the phone booth.

This week is filled with superheroes and legends. Besides, players can get a chance to try the Ariana Grande skin. Also Epic Games promised to reveal Gamora's skin from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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