Fall Guys x Fortnite: A Crossover Is Almost Here

Fortnite has been on a crossover spree lately. And now, data miners sniffed out a new one coming - Fall Guys.

Fortnite has had a bunch of crossovers to remember. Among the honorable guests were Chief Hopper, Batman and Catwoman, Captain America, Mandalorian, and even Infinity Gauntlet.

The new possible crossover will include the Fall Guys — at least that’s what the omniscient data miners report.

However, it’s not all clear about the upcoming “feature”. The shocking discovery was that it’s not Fortnite that will be the honorable host, but… the Fall Guys.

Via Twitter, it was revealed that the pushy-&-shovy Fall Guys will offer a bunch of Fortnite-based cosmetics and items. For instance, it turns out that the FG will get the Llama, Bunny Brawler, Rippley, and Peely costumes.

Battle Bus, it seems, will also make a cameo in the game. Probably, Fall Guys will be welcomed to parachute from it on the arena. If so, a new playable mode would nicely accompany this quirky way of beginning a match.

The studio behind Fall Guys — Mediatonic — have lost their independence, by the way. Now it’s a part of Epic Games armada. And it’s pretty puzzling why the crossover is happening just now.

Another question that’s troubling some fans is whether Fall Guys going to visit the Fortnite universe or not. Odds are, new costumes based on the game will be available in your wardrobe sooner or later.

But a potential smash hit would be the Fall Guys game mechanics getting adapted to Fortnite’s classic arena. The only touch it would need is a costume that would explode upon collision.

Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover is too obvious to be doubted. We’ll keep on tracking more datamining leaks related to the game. What crossover would you like to see happening on Athena? Let us know in the comments!

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