Fall Guys to Reveal Season 6 Details

Emily Heller
25 Nov 2021
Fall Guys to Reveal Season 6 Details Main Image

Mediatonic, the developer of the already iconic Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, announces the new season. The trailer for it is already available on all the video services, and a 30-minute announcement has been broadcast on Twitch where it can still be viewed. In short, the new season of Fall Guys will be hotter than ever.

Party Spectacular is the name and the theme of the new season. It’s hard to predict what it means, given that everything about Fall Guys is a party spectacular. Do they mean more colors, more jolly music, more unusual challenges, and social elements? We will know it all when the season starts, but something is already revealed in the trailer.

So, what does Mediatonic bring to the table? Five new rounds, five new obstacles, and more than 25 new costumes await. They will include seesaws, water balloon cannons, and a competition that requires you to stay up in the air for as long as you can. And yes, according to the trailer, there will be a pink rhino! And it’s already a reason to play the new season. There will be 50 new tiers to unlock, The theme of this fall is collaboration, and Fall Guys won’t skip it. There are collabs with Ghost of Tsushima, Sackboy, and the monster from Radiohead’s Amnesiac cover. Of course, there will be more among these dozens of new costumes; and, as usual, you’ll be able to buy them in halves.

Season 6 starts on November 30, and you need an Epic account to participate. There will also be limited-time events within the season. So don’t relax, track the news, and stay alert! Fall Guys will deliver a lot more this time.

What do you think about Fall Guys? Do you prefer it to Fortnite, PUBG, and other Battle Royale games that take themselves too seriously? What collaboration would you like to see in the next seasons? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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