Android Gives Users an Option to Be Not Tracked

Privacy is among the main concerns this year, and Android follows the issue. In iOS 14.5, users for the first time got an option to block tracking within any single app. Now Google follows the same route with its mobile platform. In late 2021, Android will introduce the same possibility, though not for everybody at the same time.

You won’t have to wait for the next major update to see apps ask you whether you will let them track you and access your data. All it takes is a Google Services update, and Alphabet is already working on it. So, even your device is unlikely to get the upcoming Android 12, you will still get this update. Though, of course, those on Android 12 will see it work earlier – in late 2021, while the rest of users will have to wait until the next year.

It’s to go even further in 2022, when Google Play Store is to feature the new safety section (its exact name remains unannounced). It will let users know about any app’s requests when it comes to privacy. What does this app track? What does it share with remote services? What does the app really need to function? What else is there that affects your security? Maybe not all users will really look that far, but those concerned will appreciate.

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