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How to Download and Install Among Us on iOS

Wondering how to download the iOS version? The webliondevelopment.com team has got you covered! If you’re an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch user, you can download Among Us in just a few easy steps. By the way, you can search for similar apps within the Games category on our website and install the ones you like following the steps below, too.

Prior to initiating the installation procedure, head to your gadget’s settings to ensure there’s enough space for the app on it. Then, make sure your device supports the app you’re planning to download and install. If the two are compatible, it means all you gotta do to install Among Us is follow the quick steps listed below.

  1. Head to the app’s page on Webliondevelopment. Already there? Then find the app icon above the table, along with the ‘Get iOS Version’ button.
  2. Tap the button away, and you’ll find yourself on the official iTunes Apple Store app installer page.
  3. Find the blue-colored ‘Get’ button next to the application’s icon. Get Button
  4. Hit this button without hesitation if downloading the app is what you currently want.
  5. In case you’re not logged in, the system will ask you to type your Apple ID and Password in the required fields. Apple ID
  6. Alternatively, you can log into your account by using the fingerprint or face recognition feature. Apple Fingerprint
  7. The installation process will begin in just a few seconds.
  8. Once the installation is over, hit the ‘Open’ button and enjoy! Apple Open Button


  • How to download Among Us on Mac?
    You can get it on the App Store if your Mac runs macOS 11.0 or later and has an Apple M1 chip.
  • How to get the Among Us Map of Airship?
    If you still haven’t downloaded the Airship map for the app, check whether you have updated the game on your device.
  • Are Among Us purchases available across different devices?
    This game is cross-platform, and you can apply your purchases wherever you play it.
  • How to install the Among Us app?
    To get the game on your smart device, you have to see if your gadget matches the system requirements of the app first. If everything is okay, go to the built-in store of your mobile (App Store for Apple and Google Play Store for Android) and proceed to the process of downloading the game.
  • Is Among Us console compatible?
    It’s available on Nintendo Switch and soon will be accessible on PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as on Xbox consoles.
  • Did Among Us get an update recently?
    Officials stated that the Among Us game will get a new map that is called Map 5, with new roles and colors of the characters.
  • Do Among Us characters have names?
    The character in the game has a name that was created by a player.
  • Does Among Us require Wi-Fi?
    Yes, it’s a multiplayer online game that requires a stable connection to the Web.
  • Has Among Us been released on Xbox?
    The developers state that the game will be available for Xbox later this year.
  • Is Among Us safe for kids?
    Among Us can be played by children from the age of 9 years.

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